Flower Mound CBD Massage

Benefits and FAQ

CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory that helps to relieve pain. Not only will you receive the benefits from your therapeutic massage at my Flower Mound location, but when these amazing botanicals are incorporated, it becomes the ultimate massage experience.

Chronic pain studies have shown CBD is highly effective at lowering all types of pain, including pain that is shown to be resistant to other treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions

This massage is tailored to your needs. As a clinical massage therapist, I will customize a treatment according to how you feel when you come in. Whether your focus is deep relaxation, relief from pain or both. Instead of using a massage lotion (which has no therapeutic value) I will apply my own CBD-infused formulation to your muscles to provide the benefits listed here.

My CBD hemp oil is sourced from hemp grown in Northern Europe, free of pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. Because hemp grows quickly and efficiently  (sometimes producing two or more harvests a year) and uses very little water, it is an environmentally sustainable crop with a number of uses beyond CBD supplements.

No, there is no psychoactive effect to any of my products.

My CBD oil is federally legal. It will also not show on a drug screen. It is a CBD isolate suspended in MTC oil with zero THC. Urinalysis (and other drug screening procedures) are looking for THC.

Other benefits of CBD Massage

Custom Blended Topicals

CBD topicals are one of the most therapeutic ways to benefit from these amazing botanicals. CBD Massage Sessions  at my Flower Mound location incorporate these beneficial botanicals into each massage.

I blend my own unique formula in small batches so you will receive maximum benefits. My formula is a wonderful combination of CBD hemp oil and other botanicals, including pure essential oils, to enhance its therapeutic benefits.

massage therapy essential oils

The Results are Amazing

Pesticide Free

Premium European Products

By sourcing my CBD Oils from Europe, I assure a pesticide free, organically grown product for maximum health benefits while preserving our planet. It’s a little more costly, but you’re worth it at Restorative Touch Massage Therapy in Flower Mound.

CBD Pain Balm

Many of my customers want the ability to apply the relief-giving balm at home in between their massage sessions. Helping to relieve the pain will have a multi-pronged therapeutic effect. Not only will you get through the day better without discomfort, but you may be helping the results of your next massage.

By removing that muscle tension, your relaxed body can work to heal and rejuvinate, making your next session even more effective.  Pick up my special formulated balm on your next session at our Flower Mound location, or order online now.